How to update Manjaro 16.06 via Terminal

Manjaro comes with a graphical update manager. This application will notify us when there are any available updates from the repository. We can then update Manjaro directly from this application. 
But some of Manjaro users like me prefer the command line way to perform update. But if I can say, this is not a "better" or "worse" way to update Manjaro via Terminal. Its only a preferable way. You may use the graphical way, same as the command line way. 
In case you need to update Manjaro via command line, you may follow these steps. 
Open Terminal session and use this command to sync repository database
sudo pacman -Syy
Once completed, you can continue with this command to perform upgrade if any upgradeable packages.
sudo pacman -Syu
Thank you

Manjaro 16.06 Daniella Screenshots Tour

When I wrote this post, Manjaro 16.08 preview was available for download. But I am still using the previous Manjaro 16.06.1 to write this post. Using Manjaro give a great experiences. Its easy to use, stable and supported by huge community. As you might known, Manjaro is an Arch based Linux which is popular by its rolling release feature. 
Manjaro 16.06 Desktop
I am using Xfce version which is fast and simple. Manjaro Xfce is great for a low powered laptop as well. 
Xfce Start Menu
Xfce start menu provide access to any installed applications on Manjaro. Windows users who switch to Manjaro Xfce will find it useful. 
Integrated Settings
You can customize and change settings of Manjaro using the Settings page. It contains shortcuts to many customizable stuffs like Appearance, Desktop, File Manager and many more. 
Also there are many application installed by default such as Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice, Steam, Thunderbird mail client and many more. 
Last but not least, you have full control to the system with Terminal power.