Dragon Disk, free Amazon S3 Management and Sync tool

If you are managing Amazon S3 Storage from Manjaro, you will love this tool. Dragon Disk, client for S3 compatible storage service. It has a familiar GUI like you found in Windows explorer where we can easily drag and drop files from local device to Amazon S3 storage. Dragon Disk is a cross platform software and its available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

How to install Dragon Disk on Manjaro 16.10

We can easily install Dragon Disk via Add/Remove Software with AUR repository enabled. Please enable AUR repository first before attempting to install this software. Type "dragondisk" on the search box and install it from there. 
Or, you can also install it via Terminal
yaourt -S dragondisk

How to use Dragon Disk on Manjaro

Once installed, open Dragon disk from application menu. First, we need to add new account to Dragon disk. Make sure you have Access Key and Secret Key for the Amazon S3 account. Go to File | Accounts

Select Amazon S3 from the provider list. Now you can open the Amazon S3 content from the main window. 

We can easily drag and drop between local and remove device on this Dragon disk.